Gedicht Marc: Open and allowing space

Gedicht Marc: Open and allowing space

Soms kunnen we iets wat we voelen lastig rationeel verwoorden. Maar als we stil staan en de gevoelens gieten in een creatieve vorm die bij ons past, valt alles zomaar ineens op zijn plaats. Dat ‘creatief zijn’ is voor iedereen anders. Coach Marc Keller kan dit prachtig in de vorm van gedichten. Wij zijn dan ook heel blij dat hij deze met ons deelt! Hierbij zijn gedicht: Open and allowing space. Lees het fijn.

Gedicht van Marc: Open and allowing space


I feel so open,

So present,

Emotions can freely go,

I flow,

I just let it all happen,

So liberating,

To hear graces ring.


To realize I am not the do’er,

I am an empty being,

Full of love,

Inherently so,

Always there to move me and you,

Staying in this state of no clue,

I just allow life to go through.


It will not always go as you want to,

See that this is the mind,

Its programming is to constantly find,

Don’t get busy with it,

Don’t leave presences grid,

Just be firm as a rooted tree,

And go beyond and feel free.


Dare to be this open and allowing space,

Let fear in as you would do with joy,

If you really do this then ooh boy,

You will stand with amaze!


Of course, it can be a messy process,

Life will challenge you,

It has and will often challenge me,

But I know it just wants me to clearly see,

And simply be!

If you are ready to face yourself,

Then dive in, go nuts and enjoy the rollercoaster of life,

Creativity, love and joy are there for you without a need to strive


Marc Keller


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